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Designed as a safe place to simply be naked, Go Naked has always been about community. We gather to meet others, to appreciate one another for our minds, our hearts, and our whole person. We celebrate our willingness to put down the barriers and share our authentic selves. We gather to embrace the simplicity of connection, the beauty of fraternity, and friendship in the nude.

It’s a place with no judgment, no expectation to perform, no measure of prowess or superiority. We express closeness and camaraderie in our most natural state without the pretext of sexual attraction or competitiveness, the classifications of our social orders established by the uniforms of clothing. We can exist together without the pressures and superficiality of labels, and all the rest of the bullshit the world puts on us. It's just the us humans. Humans connecting in our most human form. It's something we've lost.

We believe that reclaiming the camaraderie of social male nudity is a victory against homophobia and hate. No matter what your background, your skin color, your gender expression, your economic status, no matter if you're femme or butch, masc or queen, cis or trans, we're all welcome here. When we're naked we see that we're are all more similar than different. Our naked bodies together are a beautiful sea of skin tones, a sign of what we can be. We have a choice in every environment to act with others in mind and to keep the big picture in mind. It's all about making the right choice. So jump in and embrace what we can become when we seek something deeper and more profound

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