GO NAKED • 6 May 2018
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First Stripped Conversations 

Our first conversations were a learning experience for everyone. It was an opportunity to learn more about each other and our naked priorities, naked experiences, and what we're learning about ourselves when we strip down and get real. 

With six voices in the room we wanted to set up some guidelines to make it a successful discussion and a safe space for everyone. We leaned on the expertise of GLSEN and used their guidelines for safe space discussions ( see more here: https://www.glsen.org/sites/default/files/guidelines_discussion.pdf ). Learning how to moderate, participate, and uplift in this structured format takes some time. There were some rough moments but overall everyone's voices was heard, their views celebrated, and we respected each other and the space we are trying to create. 

The topic was "how has/does naked inspire you?" The format allowed for a string of consciousness that took us to all kinds of places. Some talked about their first naked experience, some talked about body insecurities, and others talked about the stark difference between nudity in a sexual space and nudity in a social space. Some talked about their scepticism of the value of naked as anything more than a tool for sex but revealed the value, power, and connection that social nudity can inspire in their life and the lives of others. 

In the end we each committed to inspire others in their naked pursuits in our own way. Some agreed to talk more about social nudity and its impact on them. Some others committed to personally find more inspiration in they're own nudity. I personally, shared my awe of a person I know who by all conventional standards isn't physically beautiful yet is one of the most attirant and drawing personalities I know. He is that iteration because of his he feels about himself, he's inspiring and attractive because of the person he is and the energy he exudes. I vowed to be more like that person, to inspire more people through my own confidence - which I'm working on building. 

The value of these conversations can only grow to make our community stronger, more impactful, and ultimately more aware of why we gather. We invite everyone to participate in conversations in person, online, share articles or personal stories building on the greater power of naked. 

The theme for may is CONNECT. This month we'll chat about how naked connects us. Some topics can be friendship & relationships, collective risk, vulnerability of a naked social encounter, diversity and connection, why is it important that we connect in the nude as men (trans, cis, intersex, and nonbinary)?, or anything you might come up with.

We'll meet each Sunday for a couple weeks while we fine tune our format then go to twice/once monthly. If you want to host, speak, or moderate we welcome your voice!