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Learn the basics of GO NAKED / Community


Created to explain how member nudies can make the most of GO NAKED / Community.  In this guide, you will learn about the main components of GO NAKED / Community, how each tool can be used, where to find them, and the key functions of our platform.

GO NAKED / Community is a platform on which nudies can:

Collaborate with others

GO NAKED / Community makes collaboration with others much easier. Nudies can:

  • Create groups to meet people with the same interests or in the same community

  • Organise events where people can meet in person or online
  • Share information and create discussion with a post or a topic
  • Share information on social media to attract more public attention. 

Communication between nudies 

Nudies can communicate with each other by posting on each other’s page, sending a private message or leaving comments on the post, event and topic created by others. Users can also mention other users in a post or comment, or like an event, topic, post, comment or comment reply created by others. 

Explore the community

Nudies can explore the whole community through:

  • Explore function. With the explore function, users can easily browse all the activities, events, status, groups and users of the community.
  • Search function. With the search function, users can find a specific event, status, user or group easily. 

Stay up to date with the latest activities

Nudies are always up to date with the latest activities of the community via:

  • Activity stream. Nudies can easily check what other nudies are up to, follow the activities of their groups or tribes, and learn about updates from GO NAKED / Community.  
  • Personal notification. Nudies are notified with the important activities which require their attention or action.

Manage your own account and profile

GO NAKED / Community allows users to manage:

  • User account. Nudies can configure the platform based on their preferences. 
  • User profile. Nudies can customise their personal information which will be shown to the community or public.