Community Agreements


Our aim is to create spaces for social nudity that build community, friendship, and social connections.

  • We will be active participants

    • We will Engage & Participate - welcome guests, be kind, strike up conversation, resolve problems, and address concerns. Our community thrives on the participation of members as hosts, event planners, and more.

    • We will Pitch-in - contribute; a helping hand, cover, donation, or a bottle.

  • We will be respectful

    • We will respect, safeguard, and maintain our naked spaces. Each home, venue, or park, beach, campground, or wilderness area where we meet demands our efforts to preserve it for our host(s) and future nudie to enjoy. We will follow house rules and local laws as applicable.

      • Each individual assumes responsibility for their own actions and property at all times.

    • We will build a social community - our aim is social connection, friendship, and community building

      • Drink responsibly, no one wants to get you dressed when you're naked and puking.

      • No phones. We're here to connect in person, so disconnect from the phone, unless it's specifically called for in the theme of the event.

      • Sexual activity is not our objective. Save it for later. Naked does not equal consent. 

      • Illegal drug use is not condoned and individuals assume personal liability, smoke only in designated areas.

  • We will honor privacy

    • Contact information shared with Go Naked is never shared, sold, or used without permission.

    • Photos are taken only with the express permission of all affected.

      • Host(s) may invite an approved photographer. If you prefer not to be included in photographs or recordings, please step away from the camera or inform the photographer if you have inadvertently been included. Photographers must honor such requests by deleting photos or blurring your image.

    • Membership is private. For many, public nudity is a coming-out process, it’s not our place to out others..

  • We will share our community with trusted friends

    • Our community grows in strength and impact the more you share what we do and what we're creating. Invite your friends to join.
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